Our Fiberglass Pool Installation Process

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Our Process

Kool Blue Pools’ goal is to build the very best fiberglass swimming pools and outdoor living spaces. We are focused on ensuring your project’s success through hard work, integrity and superior customer service. Learn more about how we use our skills and expertise to turn your pool dreams into a reality.

What to Expect When You Call Kool Blue

Your Pool Installation

One benefit of working with Kool Blue Pools is that you have one point of contact throughout the entire fiberglass pool installation process. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Request a Quote
  1. Contact Us

    When you reach out to Kool Blue Pools, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a quick call. This is a time to answer any of your questions, assess where you are in the decision-making process about installing a pool, and how we might meet your needs.

  2. On-site Visit

    After this initial call, we’ll schedule an on-site visit to meet a potential client and see their yard. Because every outdoor space is different, we need eyes on your property to develop an accurate quote.

  3. Customized Quote

    Kool Blue Pools provides a comprehensive written estimate – not a price range. Because we spend the time up front to develop a customized quote, we’ve already looked into other potential barriers that other installers may miss. Our customers don’t like surprises, and neither do we!

  4. Contract Signing

    When a client is ready to move forward, we meet to sign the contract. Now the fun begins – it’s time to design your pool! After the fiberglass shell is ordered, installation typically occurs within six to eight months. Your installation window is secured according to the contract terms.

  5. Pool Installation

    When your fiberglass pool is delivered to your home at the scheduled time, Kool Blue Pools installers will run the plumbing and electrical systems before the shell is placed in the ground. Site excavation prepares your property, and a foundation is created where the shell will be installed. Once in place, the area around the pool shell is filled with gravel to prevent it from settling or shifting.

  6. Testing & Hardscaping

    When the shell installation is complete, Kool Blue Pools installs the salt system and pressure tests to ensure it’s working at optimal performance. After testing, concrete is poured or pavers are used to create permanent hardscapes around the pool. When the concrete or decking is set, Kool Blue Pools will rough grade and clean up your yard.

  7. Pool School

    After the pool is installed and the job is complete, clients go through ‘Pool School,’ – a time when clients learn how to properly care for their pool and maintain the salt system throughout the year. Kool Blue Pools provides all warranty materials at this time.

  8. Time to Swim!

    It’s time to dive in! Your pool is ready to be enjoyed!


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